What we do

We’ve been doing organic veg boxes for more than 13 years but just don’t shout about it. This tame web site is about as loud as it gets. Here’s a bit more info

For a minimum order of £15, a delivery contains a selection of about half a dozen or so veg varieties. At this time of year (September), it might include potato, carrot, leek, kale, onion, mushroom plus a selection from squash, tomato, broccoli and cauliflower amongst other things. If you’d like to add some fruit, there would be a selection from apple, grape, plum, melon, banana and more.

We’ll deliver any amount you like from £15, a popular choice being £10 veg and £5 fruit.

If there are things you particularly like or dislike, let us know and we’ll tailor the order but some flexibility for us ensures waste is minimised.

We also supply bagels, eggs, bread, cheese and wholefoods.

We try to source locally as much as possible. About a third of our veg comes directly from certified growers in Ormskirk and St Helens, the rest from a wholesaler near Manchester who is supplied mainly from the northwest and Lincolnshire. Fruit is often from Europe but we buy UK fruit when it’s available. We’re certified organic by the Soil Association.

Delivery is on Wednesday evenings or Thursdays depending on where you live. There’s no delivery charge.

If you fancy giving it a go, send us a message here Contact and we’ll be in touch.

(Our delivery range is limited – parts of Liverpool, Crosby, Wirral and St Helens)